_________________Paul Rodgers

Ted McCready
- Born and raised in St.Louis, Missouri. 
Other Bands include: Cagney, Reakshun, Heartthief, Hopper, The Solution
"Big love"- tribute to Fleetwood Mac, MLP, Mojo, Slick, Mantia & McCready 

__________________Simon Kirke

Blake Nelson
From St. Louis, Missouri
Other bands include: Spin 54, Rusted Shine, Shannon Nichole, Missouri Mile, Modern Day Zero, Kingpin.



_________________Howard Leese

Bryon Harris
From St. Louis, Missouri
Other bands include: Red Wing 1970-71, Blue Iris 1972-73, Garrison Band 1974-78, Destiny 1979-86, CalmRage 2016.



__________________Mick Ralphs

Chris Naccarato
- born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.  
Other bands include: “Calling All Cars”, “Sudden Impact”, “Five Second Rule”, and "Teddy McCready" 

__________________Boz Burrell

                                                          Kim McKinney
                                                     Born in St. Louis Missouri.
                      Other bands include: Back Jack, Lightning, Ferarri, Social Offense, The Frame, Duck On Bike,
       The Holy Cows, Michael Christopher,  Hip Trash, Hired Help, Billy Barnett & The Movers, Shaky Ground, Rickie Lee Tanner